Introduction to the ICF web site

Realizing the importance of building religious unity in the Asian region, the Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) was formed to facilitate the examination of different religious perspectives on the root causes of some of the threats and conflicts we experience in community today such as poverty, consumptive lifestyles, and unjust distribution of land.

Interfaith Cooperation supports regional religious partnerships in working together for the transformation of society. It is an endeavour to find alternatives through listening, learning, and discerning messages from the grassroots and the development of cooperative efforts to achieve these alternatives together through involvement and action.

To find out more about the ICF network, visit our About ICF section.

Insights into faith & peace this month

The latest edition of Faith & Peace is now available. This features a number of thought-provoking articles. Please take the time to read this month's issue and provide us with any feedback. 

If you do not already receive an electronic copy of the newsletter or you have materials that you would like published in the newsletter, please contact the ICF Coordinator.

New to this site

We have added a new component to the ICF website entitled the Online Resource Library. Our goal is to make resources available on areas of interfaith dialogue. Your contributions to this portion of the site would be most appreciated. Please contact the ICF Coordinator if you have any relevant materials.  The Online Resource Library is under construction and will be updated and developed as a stage by stage process. Please check back regularly for access to more resources.

The School of Peace has come to a close for another year. The Final Report for 2008 as well as some photos can be found in the SOP section.

The blog continues to be accessible through the
Additional Reading section. Many of the other reports and written resources will be relocated to the Online Resource Library.  

We would continue to appreciate your assistance in developing the Interfaith Museum. The museum's purpose is to house religious symbols along with an explanation regarding their spiritual significance for different faiths. Please contact the ICF Coordinator with any suggestions you have for this section.