Doctrine divides, Action unites


  January 2014


SOP Participant from Nepal Puts Lessons into Practice

Bruce Van Voorhis

Santosh Kumar Yadav, executive manager of Triveni Bikas Samaj (TBS) in Nepal, took part in the School of Peace (ICF) that Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) conducted in Sri Lanka in 2013.

During SOP, a session was devoted to photography as a tool for transformation for education and advocacy that explained how to better use pictures and words together to strengthen the message. Santosh used the lessons of this session to create a calendar for 2014 about the work of TBS on a health concern of women in his community of Samsherganj in the Banke District of Nepal—prolapse of the uterus.

“This is the first time I published [something] by myself,” said Santosh. “I learned in SOP Sri Lanka many things which I used here [to produce the calendar]. In the beginning, I consulted with other people, but this time I tried to make it myself.”

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