July 2012


Doctrine divides, Action unites

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The Misery of Migrants in Detention in Malaysia
Bruce Van Voorhis

Poetic Injustice

 With an earth like this, who needs HELL . . . ??
I work for your people
Yet I can be whipped
If my boss does not have
my papers . . .
From a human being with
I am reduced
to an animal
they call me “The Illegal”—
the undocumented, the criminal!!!

Susan Loone


Detention from the Inside

 Su Su tells us [Tenaganita] she was given no special treatment during her pregnancy. She had to sleep on the wooden floor in Lenggeng camp where bugs crawled up between the cracks. Everyone had bedbugs and couldn’t stop scratching. When they slept, they were so close they touched each other’s bodies. When her body became very swollen all over, she asked to see the doctor but was refused. Finally, doubled up in pain, she went into labor, and only when other detainees screamed continuously for help for her was Su Su transferred to a local hospital where she had her baby.