May 2012


Doctrine divides, Action unites

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Mario Vaz

When I was six, I built a world
Of my very own
With sticks and sand and grass and twigs
And leaves and colored stone.

And then when I had finished it
It was beautiful but bare.
So on it went my elephants
My teddies and a hare.

I loved my world so very much
Each twig, each little stone
And I could while the hours away
Content but quite alone.

And then one night a storm came by
And washed my world away
And with it all my dreams and hopes
On that eighteenth day of May.

Now fours years on, I’m ten years old
And the world that now I know
Is more wondrous than I ever thought
From seas to isles to snow.

Each day that I walk home from school
I see things so very new
From birds with riotous colors
To flowers caressed by dew.

And to think that all that I can see
Was formed in His Great Mind
A gift to treasure and to keep
For all of humankind.

And thus, within this whole wide world
Where each has got its place
Is that something special I cannot see
I call it—His Great Grace.

I often think, if four years on
With all we do today
The world is headed for what I saw
On that eighteenth day of May.

For the world can suffer nature’s storms
Even prosper through it all
But our greed is another thing
It heralds of earth’s downfall.

Even so, we should never yield
To inertia and to hate
But strive to treasure what we have
Before it’s far too late.

For we are capable of more
Than destruction and despair
The very hands that wield the axe
Can sooth with love and care.

* Mario Vaz is a professor of physiology at St. John’s Medical College in Bangalore, India. In his spare time, he writes stories for children, several of which have been published.