June 2011


Doctrine divides, Action unites

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The Meaning of an Image
Tirmizy Abdullah, SOP 2010
Mindanao, Philippines


The picture is very interesting, and it has a deep meaning. The two hands represent two parties (or more parties) who are just using the slogan “Peace” to promote their selfish interests; they are not truly concerned and working for peace. The white dove represents the innocent civilians (women, elderly, children, etc.) who are sincerely praying and working for peace.

To relate the image to the peace issue in the southern Philippines, it is very difficult to expect true PEACE if the two opposing parties are not sincerely working for peace. In the end, the victims will always be the innocent civilians. Sometimes this kind of “MOCK PEACE PROCESS” worsens the conflict and serves as a hindrance for the achievement of true peace.

I also want to emphasize the great role of the people who are giving a chance for peace, like the civilians. We should not remain silent and victims: the power is with us. We should not let it happen again and again.

Somchit Duangpanya, SOP 2008
Mask cooperation, happy on one’s suffering—we have to be aware that cooperation always has black and white elements.

Shreeram Chaudhary, SOP 2006
I felt the two powerful hands are India and China pressing the pigeon, which is a symbol of Nepal.

Joey Domingo Rendon, SOP 2007
I think the reflection that I saw in this image is really happening. These people are “peacemakers” which pretend to bring hopeless peace due to self-interest. They just want to let people see that they are promoting peace. I remember the last time when I’m in India [for SOP] that in the budget for weapons for war there is enough money for food, even for Third World countries also. I think that this image is good in describing a peace agreement between two people, but simply behind it is big business as well.

Sarvjeet Singh, Mini-SOP 2010 in Sri Lanka
The graphic, indeed, is interesting, and I think it denotes the coming together of powerful vested interests at the expense of peace.