March 2011


Doctrine divides, Action unites

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Book Tells Stories, Shares Lives and Illuminates Issues


Differences is a collection of short stories by Max Ediger, coordinator of Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF). Most of the stories are based on the lives of real people in Thailand and Burma.

For example, the story called “Differences,” from which the title of the book is taken, details one event through the eyes of three different people—a prostitute, a ghost guide and a little flower girl. The story takes place on Pat Pong Street, one of the most famous red light districts in Bangkok. It is a story of pain, anger, suffering and struggle.

“Don’t Make Me a Human” is the story of a woman and her dogs struggling to survive in a slum community along one of Bangkok’s many canals. A forced eviction separates the woman from her beloved dogs, and she is left alone to gather up the strength needed to start life over again.

Other stories include “The Good Son” about a young man, his mother and two sisters who have had to flee from their home in Burma to seek safety in a refugee camp inside Thailand. Unfortunately, life in the refugee camp is also not so secure.

The book Differences is now available as an e-book. More information about the publication is available online at <>.